Steps to Be Successful as a Student in Nigeria

Welcome to another new post, today I am going to reveal to you the basic steps you need in other to be successful in your academics and financially. I will also reveal to you the right approach you need to put into place in other to merge these two.

Firstly, Education is the key to becoming successful in this part of the world, a popular adage once said that “When you are educated, you are 60% away from poverty” that while it is important to go school and study hard in other to stand out among the crowd.

My article today will enlighten you on the stuff you need and how you could balance both work life and studies as a student.

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Hard work and smart work pays great dividend, anytime you are in the class you should take it as your priority knowing fully well that lecturers can be sometimes naughty. Takedown note when necessary, according to a UK research at Oxford University, London. The student tends to forget 70% of what was taught through hearing 30 minutes after lecturers.

Take night prep, gone are the days of night preps, nowadays, students prefer going for night bar instead of preps, take time to visit the library steady, research on project and topics being taught in class.

Also, take out time to do your educational assignment, as this is very important. Similarly, you should be aware also that lecturers don’t take assignment for granted. It adds up to you being graduating as the first-class student. Your assignment should be your number one priority.

Well, you may not know but research has shown that students who do their assignment tend to emerge top in the department and as such I will also want you to utilize this opportunity.

It is better to learn from people’s mistake rather than taking yours.

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Relax and do exercise, “too much work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Exercise is very good to the body, it boosts the immune system and make your reason and feel alright at all time.

Schedule a timetable for yourself, just like you have lectures timetable, also make out your reading timetable, schedule your timetable in such a way that it will not affect your health. 3 Hours a day is okay for any subject you choose to study. Meanwhile, you may not know what you are doing but the latter will speak for itself.

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education they say is a cost but I believe ignorant is more costly than that. Don’t complain about not having money to get lecture materials and handout. There are numerous ways to make money in the school as a student.

As a matter of fact, while others are busy ranting up and down, you should be busy making money off their head. Monitor the activities of the school you are in. Because not all school allow buying and selling. However, most public schools do so.

You could start a printing business with less than 30,000 you are in already, this business is said to be one of the most lucrative business in most recent times in our conventional universities. You’ll be making a huge amount of money from it.

Similarly, you could start selling peanut, yes as small as it may sound, a peanut is another lucrative business out there especially in this part of the world. The good thing about this business is that it is very cheap to start and as low as 5,000 you are good to go. Meanwhile, don’t allow the business to take your study time. Only do this in your free period and that why I stated before that you should schedule a timetable for yourself.


Your destiny lies in your palm and what you stand to get depends on how you uphold it now. Take the right step today and you will see for yourself that everything will just be fine. No matter how the economy is there are some certain people that it will not affect. Don’t allow people to determine your life for you, Finally, it is only those who are determined can do exploit. Be determine today and take up that bold step you shall see yourself flying up high like an eagle.

Finally, If you have any questions, contribution, suggestion please do well to use the comment box to reach me and I will reply to you in a jiffy. God bless your endeavours.

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