Skusat Aspire 2019 CBT Scholarship Contest Begins

How to Register for Skusat Aspire CBT Scholarship Contest 2019

Great news! I am pleased to inform you that another challenge has set to kick-start. The Skusat Annual Aspire CBT Challenge is here again.

Here in this article I am going to highlight how to apply, what it takes to apply and how to be successful after all. Skusat is an online youth empowerment program scheme aimed at impacting knowledge and testing our wards on basic IQ test.

Skusat does not only call for entries in her quarterly programme but has also taken it up on social media, Facebook particularly to give our cash prizes on any questions answered on her Facebook page.

Read the article I wrote about ABU Post UTME Exam Result 2019 Released if you know anyone who wrote the test please feel free to inform them.

Last time Mr. Quadri Sheriff took home with the sum of 200,000 for participating and emerging first on the online quiz test that was provided by Skusat.

Skusat Aspire 2019 is a great opportunity to take, and if you take it serious who knows, you may just be the next winner and perhaps I might just post your name on this blog again. “Hahaha!”.

Without writing too much I’ll just go straight to the point and give your highlight on how to register on the portal and get notified when the test will commence.

How to Register Skusat Aspire 2019 CBT test?

Visit the official portal at

You will be required to fill in your personal information, document Identity card for verification, your academic qualification, school and a brief summary about yourself. Note that all of these are very important and to give the best first impression you are encouraged to fill in the details to the best of your knowledge and to submit the right document for proper verification.

Keep reading I will tell you a secret!

Do you know that there are no new questions? Questions that Skusat asked are questions that are available everywhere on the internet, the only big deal is how do we know the exact questions they are going to set. Well if very simple, you and I knows that their questions are based on logic reasoning and simple arithmetic.

 Here is the Secret!

What they do is to go online source of questions and then change the names of the characters or object in use. for Example The Questions “How old is Sarah if he brother is 10 years old” may formally be “How old is Evelyn if his sister is 21 years old now“. You see the questions are the same but with different character names.

Well you should equally know that time is not by your side, so if you think of going online to search for answers I bet you, you may not answer 2 out of 10 questions. So, if you must search online, you the best available keywords to quickly get your answers.

As a matter of fact, you should know that there is a count down time and if your time elapses, you are going to be logged off from your test.

I am going to stop here now I sure will update you letter concerning how to emerge first. If you have any questions, contribution, suggestion please kindly use the comment box to reach me and I will reply you in a short while. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for more relevant topic like this. Please share this article people pay be interested in it just as you are.

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