Mercy Corps Nigeria (Get Help, Save a Life)

Mercy Corps Nigeria (Get Help, Save a Life) – The Importance and Benefit to Save a life

Mercy Corps Nigeria is a non-profit charitable organization that helps and works around most marginalized areas in Nigeria to give emergency support to communities and people facing hardship in the society.

Mercy Corps Nigeria’s mission is aimed at building and recovering of dilapidated and frustrated individuals who seek refuge in refugee camps. More than 100,000 people are fed monthly by Mercy Corps Nigeria.

However, they aim at impacting at least over 6000,000 individuals across the nation.

Over the years, Mercy Corps has given support to more than 17,000 adolescents and has helped more than 400,000 people to meet their immediate needs in the northern part of the country Nigeria.

Mercy Corps also are empowering and building about 253,700 women in financial literacy education and career development. Among other things, mercy corps Nigeria has also helped about 5,100 adolescents received free birth certificate that will enable them to qualify for public service within their domain.

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Mercy Corps Nigeria has a total of 5,500 team members and are still counting, the body is headed by Neal Keny-Guyer and have directors in some of the countries.

How Do Mercy Corps Nigeria Get Finance?

People like you help Mercy Corps Nigeria to improve and remain sustainable. You can donate to the organization and believe you me, your donation will go a long way. Deliver a lifesaving assistance to children and family in Nigeria and other parts of the country, help a girl child and help the hungry child crying daily on the street.

According to Mercy Corps website publication, your gift of $50 can rush water filtration tablets, soap training to most families in Yemen and $120 can provide two refugees in Nigeria the funding they need to restart their lives once again.

To donate to them just call their helpline via 1-888-747-7440 and to donate by mail you can download this form.

Note that Mercy Corps will never sell your personal details.

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