JAMB Change of Course and Institution (2019/2020)

Hello Jambites, welcome to today’s own post. I will be taking your through all you need to know about JAMB Change of Course and Institution.

The JAMB change of course and Institute was initiated by JAMB body knowing fully well that candidates may at some point in time fail to fill in the correct details during the point of JAMB UTME Registration.

Also, candidates may not fulfill the mandated requirements for a school and would at the same time meet the requirements of other school with the same grade obtained from the UTME examination exercise.

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Furthermore, Some times candidates tend to mistake their date of birth, state of origin and other important information that need to be captured appropriately and hence calls for no other option than to opt for the JAMB Change of Course and Institution.

JAMB Change of Course and Institution

Jamb change of course and institution is very good and here in this article I will highlight the reason why I said so. You know for example, if a student scores 170 in JAMB UTME examination and actually applied to a university that need a minimum cut of mark of 180.

Do the student just give up and let the year go like that? No! the reason for the JAMB change of course and institution is to enable such candidates to change either his or her course or school of choice to another school that will appreciate the score grade obtained.

Similarly, there are cases where I student may wish to change course, probably on the ground that they have lost interest on the initial course and would love to take another course in the institution. This is when JAMB Change of Course and Institution comes to play a very big role.

When is JAMB Change of Course Starting?

The JAMB Change of Course and Institution usually start immediate after JAMB may have released the final result for its UTME examination. This depends on the month and date stipulated by JAMB Board. However, this section usually take a whole lots of time and hence, my advice is that, you should not panic. You can do JAMB change of course from the month of March to November so there is nothing to worry about when JAMB will commence her change of course.

JAMB Change of Course Procedures

JAMB change of course procedures is quite simple and easy to carryout. If you are a novice and don’t know how to use the computer very well or you are finding it difficult to navigate the JAMB official website. I strongly advises you to visit JAMB accredited center close to you and asked for JAMB Change of Course and Institution. This event usually cost between 2,500 to 3,500 depending on the location and centre you find yourself.

However, if you can use the system very well and you are familiar with the JAMB UTME official website, all you need to do is to login through JAMB portal with your email and password. After login visit the navigation menu that said Correction of Data. Click it and then proceed to make payment via Remita. After payment kindly go back to the portal and follow the previous step.

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Here you will see some radio buttons, just click on the Change of course and institution and a page will be opened for you where you can change your school of choices and course you wish to change to.

Finally, for more information about JAMB change of Course and Institution, kindly write to me via my email address in the contact us page or use the comment box below to write your questions, contribution or suggestion and be sure to receive a reply within an hour.

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