Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas In Nigeria 2019

5 Most Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas In Nigeria 2019

The drop in the global crude oil price has turned the Nigerian economy into a mess. The nation itself is shifting towards other income streams as businesses continue to downsize and cut wages.

It’s a no-brainer that agriculture is the next big thing in Nigeria, and one profitable area to invest in is farming, with individuals losing their employment and companies failing.

The word agriculture may sound crude, local, and less profitable. In the past, this was a serious hypothesis. However, People understand better nowadays.

Below are the most profitable agricultural business in Nigeria

Cassava Farming

Nigeria’s demand for cassava products can not be quantified correctly. The demand far outweigh the supply.

By-products such as garri, akpu, and bread are almost every Nigerian’s daily staple foods. Every day, 95% of Nigerian homes eat one of these meals.

The endless uses of cassava for food, and even the demand for alcohol has made it far exceed its supply, and as such, many local farmers are making excellent earnings from growing this crop.

Overtime has made it one of the most lucrative (good-scale) agricultural company concept any businessman can begin.

Poultry Farming

In Nigeria & Africa as a whole, the consumption of chickens and turkeys is daily sky rocketing. Thousands of tons are consumed every day and demand can not be met by local supply.

This led in thousands of poultry products being imported into the nation on a daily basis. This market deficit alone demonstrates Nigeria’s potential for poultry farming. No wonder even a former Nigerian president is supposedly owning one of Africa’s biggest poultry.

You can begin this concept of farming company with a tiny room in your backyard and little money to purchase day-old chicks.

Poultry farming is one of the most lucrative agricultural business in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Fish Farming

More than 50% of Nigerian homes are going to consume something that today includes fish. That’s okay, fish! This is a staple food in every home in Nigeria and every week individuals consume it.

Catfish and tilapia are the fishes that are most in-demand. In Nigeria, they are weighing more than enough competition, and they will always sell out of your inventory as quickly as they grow, depending on the buyer’s requirements.

Your fish farm’s size determines how lucrative you would be. The bigger your room, the bigger your fish products, and the greater your sales might be. Hotels, restaurants, fast foods and hospitals (including households) are buying a lot of fish every day. You can start this business and surely you will enjoy and make a profit from it.

Tomato Farming

Did you understand that tomato paste worth more than $500 million is imported into Nigeria each year? Yes, it’s $500 million! The response is easy, the demand is much smaller than the supply.

This is an unnoticed agricultural undertaking. Many individuals tend to look elsewhere and never realize that this lucrative company has always looked at them in the face.

Grow tomatoes if you’re searching for less rivalry. The sky would be your stepping stone once you can discover a way to transport, develop (in a big scale) and maintain them looking new for a long time!

This concept of agricultural business is one that you can readily begin and develop from in your backyard today.

Steps to Take to make your business most productive in Nigeria

The concept that working harder and longer and spending your day at job for 15 hours is going to get you the required findings is incorrect. I hear individuals come out many times to say entrepreneurs are not sleeping. This is a mistake unless they speak figuratively.

The wonderful thing is that in this portion of the globe, and indeed in the developed countries, individuals genuinely think it. A Staples study indicated that the more you work, the more productive you become, 70 per cent of Americans think. As a result, they placed in more than 40 hours a week.

What your thoughts should be

  • The quality of your time is much more important than the quantity of your time to become more productive at work, regardless of what you do. Something you initially planned for 10 hours can be finished in 5 hours.
  • You have to live a healthy life to become more productive in order to prevent unnecessary stress from any sphere of life.
  • If you become more productive, you have to balance the requirements of man’s tripartite nature; your body, soul, and spirit.
  • You need time to do all these things and you can get time by being more intelligent about your timetable of job. It’s very essential.
  • As he observed in an article for The Economist, C. Northcote Parkinson said, “Working expands to fill the time required for completion is a common observation.” This is now known as Parkinson’s Law. Basically, regardless of how many hours you work, the same quantity of job will still be performed. So, learning how to handle your time wisely and be more productive is essential.

Learn How to Schedule Your Work to Become more productive

  • It is essential that you manage your power to be close to ideal productivity anywhere.
  • Time is essential, but focusing on your power level is more essential than your time.
  • To be more productive, according to Robin Sharma, you’ll know less about what you’re doing with your time and more about what you’re doing with your mind.
  • The way you operate your mind is a function of your energy level where it becomes exciting.
  • In this respect, you understand that you have to use the time of the day when you are more productive. It’s in the morning for some, for others in the daytime, while many others prefer the night.
  • The pleasure of using this time is that your creativity is at its peak and you are definitely going to be more productive.
  • You have to purge useless and unnecessary duties from your list to be more productive. You can do this at intervals by creating a regular, weekly and monthly list of everything you do.
  • Try grouping the duties based on Importance when you’ve accomplished the above. This automatically opens up the assignments you spend too much time on and the tasks you’re going to be better off enabling someone else to do.
  • Making this list helps in finding out when to employ and not recruit. Only you can do it. Try it out.

How to leverage your business through the use of Technology

  • I understand some will argue that some of the technological tools they don’t know how to use. That’s true. But it’s true you can learn as well. Machines are more efficient and efficient, saving a lot of energy and time.
  • For example, you can write directly with the Personal Computer instead of starting with your book and later transferring it to the Personal Computer.
  • Technology can assist you in to boost astronomical and multi-faceted productivity.
  • The key to becoming productive, according to Stephen Covey, is “not to prioritize what’s on track, but to plan your goals.” I think that knowing your top three objectives will allow you to become more productive. What is crucial here, though, is not just understanding them. At least you have to accomplish those priorities.
  • These tasks are the tasks that have a greater effect on your company. Scheduling your priorities enables you to function more intelligently and you can operate your $1 million company very well and have time for friends and family as well.
  • Weekends with your family and friends are meant to refresh you and give you some time. Enjoy it.
  • If you spend most of your weekends working, it will not assist more than 14 hours of work a day. They all have the same result; you’re going to burn out. You can spend a few hours doing admin job, however, and you’re definitely going to accomplish a lot.


All work and no play make a jack a dull boy, all said and done, putting it into practice is what matters. You could just be the next entrepreneur out there who is making waves if you scale through the tough times at beginning.

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