Thursday July 25, 2013
Nigeria: 10:37 AM


Nigerian newspapers are complete information carriers when it comes to news and latest happenings in politics, sports, entertainment, education, business, fashion and lifestyle, national and international affairs, celebrity news and lots more. One of the most beautiful and common things about Nigerian newspapers generally is their timeliness in news and information carriage. To this effect, many Nigerian newspapers if not all have online presence. A lot of them are totally online based with no paper publishing.

Below are guidelines and categories of Nigerian newspapers and much of what they carry most.

Politics and National affairs

There is no particular order for this but This Day, The punch, The Nation,The Nigerian tribune, and The vanguard carry a lot of political and national affairs news more than other Nigerian newspapers. The present incisive details on national issues, political happenings and lots more. They have commentaries and additions that make them stand as the major political and national affairs newspapers in Nigeria. They all have online presence with dogged platforms that enable them do what they do best.

Entertainment, fashion and celebrity news

Need the latest scoops and gist in the entertainment industry? Want to know what the latest with Nigerian musicians and celebrities all round?, or you are hip and trendy with Nigerian fashion and fashion world over? Then Bella Naija, Linda Ikeji, PM News will give you nothing less. These Nigerian newspapers offer you exciting happenings in celebrity fashion and style, and up-to-date information in the entertainment industry. Many of them are fully online based to reach the trendy and fashionable Nigerians faster, so you can be sure of getting secrete gist and secrete happenings even in your bedroom. They still have strong social media channels that help you keep up with these latest happening on the go. Consider them the best you can get in this category.


Soccer star and The sun are the best Nigerian newspapers when it comes to sports news and latest happenings in sports in Nigeria and world over. You want to know what is happening in the Nigerian local football league? How Nigeria is preparing for up-coming international event? A lot of insights and scoops in Nigerian sporting activities? You know where to look.  . These Nigerian newspapers equally provide handy and latest information in the sports world, Nigeria and world over, with very interactive sections like discussion, commentary and opinion sections for sports enthusiast and always eager, sports loving Nigerians and other readers at large.


Businessday, Business news, The compass, are the best with the latest in business and business activities in Nigeria. These Nigerian newspapers offer you the best information about business happenings like Nigerian economy status, the stock market, jobs and employments, career and a whole lot of areas in businesses in Nigeria. They are good in providing the latest in the sports and business sector of the Nigerian economy. If you need to know the businesses thriving well and status of different businesses and their nature in Nigeria, and other business news all over the world, you will get just that with these Nigerian newspapers.

With Nigerian newspapers, you have all you need in information no matter the area you need it for Nigeria and the world at large.